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Flight-to-Flight Movement

(E) Barrel Roll

Description:  A complex maneuver in which the pilot makes a complete rotation along both its longitudinal and lateral axis, causing it to follow a corkscrew path along a particular direction. It can be used both to attack and defend as both a move and counter-move. When used as a defend, with a successful skill check, the opponent has a difficult (-4) modifier to hit, with an additional -1 per skill point in Aero Combat, while its acrobatic nature allows the pilot change or maintain a position, or avoid objects in the flight path. If the skill check fails, the pilot loses track of the maneuver and is forced to break it off which may result in an overshoot or loss of control.

Modifier        Value
Attack                   +2
Defend                  +2
Maneuver              -2
Counter                 -2

Chuck Sperati