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Flight-to-Flight Movement


Description:  Short for Quick Takeoff and Landing, this maneuver is used to shorten the time required for these moves, and also allows for acrobatic takeoffs and landings (i.e. landing on a moving object, taking off from an uneven surface, etc) and making defensive takeoffs and landings. With a successful skill check, character scale takeoffs and landings are reduced from two actions to one action, while those for vehicles are reduced by half; when used defensively, the opponent has a -1 modifier to hit per skill point in Aero Combat, plus the defend modifier, as well as a modifier to counter the move. If the skill check fails, the move takes the required time, giving the defender a free counter-move, and may lead to a loss of control or crash, depending on the circumstances.

Modifier        Value
Attack                   --
Defend                  +4
Maneuver              -2
Counter                 -2

Chuck Sperati