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Flight-to-Flight Movement

(E) Spiral

Description:  Most often used within an atmosphere or near a gravity well, this is a dangerous move used to force an overshoot and/or pick up speed to break a defensive position. With a successful skill check, the character begins to spiral away from an opponent towards the ground or other mass, simultaneously causing a change in speed that can cause the attacker to overshoot, and quickly picking up speed as the move continues (temporarily up to doubling the flight move rate), pulling out of the spiral at the last possible moment; the opponent has a -1 modifier to hit per skill point in Aero Combat, plus the defend modifier, as well as a -2 modifier when attempting to counter the move. If the skill check fails, the defend modifier is lost and may lead to a loss of control or crash, depending on the circumstances.

Modifier        Value
Attack                   --
Defend                  +2
Maneuver              -2
Counter                 -4

Chuck Sperati