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Flight-to-Flight Movement

(M) Scissors

Description:  A series of turn reversals intended to slow forward motion without changing speed in an attempt to either force an overshoot as a defender or prevent an overshoot as an attacker. With a successful skill check, a character on the defensive will weave randomly while performing rolls to make for a difficult target, giving opponents a -1 to hit per skill point in Aero Combat, plus the Defend modifier; a character on the offensive will roll slowly along a twisting path to keep the defender in sight while maintaining a controlled distance, gaining the attack modifier to hit. If the skill check fails, the character cannot control the turn, requiring a second action and only completing a ninety degree turn, giving the opponent a free action to make a move or counter-move, and may result in a loss of control.

Modifier        Value
Attack                   +6
Defend                  +6
Maneuver              -4
Counter                 --

Chuck Sperati