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Flight-to-Flight Movement

(M) Wingover

Description:  An abrupt change of direction that can be made during a climb or dive and is used to break a defensive position or maintain an offensive position. With a successful skill check, the character enters a vertical climb and makes a sweeping vertical flat turn over the top, diving along a parallel flight path to the climb, breaking a defensive position to return to neutral or make an escape, with a -8 modifier to a counter-move or putting the character into position to attack, gaining an additional +4 modifier to hit. giving the attacker a -1 modifier to hit. If the skill check fails, the character loses control during the turn, negating all modifiers, and may result in a loss of control.

Modifier        Value
Attack                   +4
Defend                  --
Maneuver              -4
Counter                 -8

Chuck Sperati