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Nalren Campaign

The Nalren Campaign

With the Malikal Empire and the Sunborn Hegemony of Almathea on the verge of war, the attention of both governments has turned to the island continent of Nalren.  Currently held by the Empire, it's location represents a strategic and tactical advantage, with vast resources, and a skilled and capable people.  Perhaps most important to the war though, is Elemental Magic, a vast, untapped source of power that could be used to devastating effect in the crucial naval battles to come.  Though the Empire has been in control of Nalren for nearly two-hundred and fifty years, the secrets of Elemental Magic has remained beyond their grasp, confined to the shores of the island continent. 

As the threat of war grows and they become ever more desperate to find the secrets of Elemental Magic, the Templars of Velhovi have gathered an unlikely group of champions in the capital city of New Santhari to serve as their agents.  Meanwhile, a rebel faction intent on freeing the people of Nalren from imperial influence and expelling the Empire from the shores of the island continent have identified a group of incendiary dissidents with the commitment and willingness to strengthen their movement in New Santhari.  Both groups are about to find out that the troubles on Nalren go far deeper than anyone could have guessed, with political agendas, secret organizations, mysterious threats, devastating events, and enough enemies to keep them on their heels, even as they work to foil each others plans.