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Sky Hopper


When ground based movement is just too limiting, taking combat into the skies provides a thrilling advantage in a frightfully dangerous environment. Daring, gutsy, and a little foolhardy, sky hoppers take flight with either a natural or technological means of propulsion, using their skills to make dazzling and deadly attacks and engaging in the predator and prey style of flight-to-flight combat. Whether it's natural wings, a jetpack, or some form of vehicle, it takes a special kind of person to engage in flighted combat.


Built on a generic format to accommodate a wide variety of character types, the Aero Combat skills can be customized to character or vehicle combat depending on the type of flight. Similarly, the Technocracy skill can be traded out to gain more movement options with the Performance specialty, or to pick up the Guile or Scoutcraft specialty by sacrificing some starting skills. Since their are some races available to play with natural flight capabilities, there are a number of options available allowing the players to build their characters to their vision.


Aero Combat
 (15 + 7 skills = 22 points)
  • Aerial Dodge
  • Maneuvers
  • Piloting
  • Shoot
  • Swing
  • Weapon Proficiency
  • Weapon Proficiency

 (10 + 2 skills = 12 points)
  • Analyze
  • Electronics

 (1 skill = 1 point)
  • Evade

 (2 skills = 2 points)
  • Observation
  • Stealth

 (3 skills = 3 point)
  • Dodge
  • First Aide
  • Search

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