Writing Distracted

Blazar Campaign


Every Cycle (four years), there is one event that captures the attention of the entire galaxy, the Ultimate Crawl Tournament. Among all the people of the many worlds of the lattice, none are as celebrated as the gladiators of the Arena Crawlers Syndicate (ACS). Holovids of these tournaments are cast across the galaxy and while all of the participants are at least temporarily idolized by fans, no one remembers the losers. From lucrative endorsements to political power, there is no fortune and glory like that enjoyed by Ultimate Crawl Champions.

In the years between championships, teams across the galaxy try to make a name for themselves in order to earn an invitation into the Lattice Series, from which the top one hundred teams are selected to participate in the Ultimate Crawl Tournament.

Invitations are not easy to come by and winning is only part of it. Teams must be memorable, whether its a good story, catchy name, or exaggerated persona, being great just doesn't cut it. To capture the attention of the galaxy, its all about presentation!


Four time Ultimate Crawl Champions, Death Toll, have announced their retirement and the galaxy is looking for a new team of crawlers to capture their hearts and imaginations. With only a year before the start of the next Lattice Series, new teams are beginning to form and local crawls will soon begin.

The players have found themselves on the commix world of Ommin, each with their own reason for joining the ACS. After participating in individual tournaments, an invitation has been issued by a crawl manager to join a new team...