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Blazar Gear


In order to do things, characters must have the things that do the things. This page has all of the arms, armaments, and general equipment that characters will need over the course of their adventures, as well as handy listings of gear packs that make the selection process a whole lot easier.  While it’s a fairly comprehensive list, there will likely be some items that a character wants that are not listed here, in these instances, a fair market price and availability can typically be judged using similar items as a basis.


Buying Things

The concept of a galactic economy is very messy; there could be many exchange rates on a single planet, which becomes exponential on a galactic scale. So, rather than going to an exchange office every time characters arrive in a new place, monetary transactions are handled with the Universal Digital Coin, called digits for short.

A Digital Coin Strip, also known as a digit-strip or digistik, is a digital wallet that is used at a terminal or other data port whenever characters buy something. All legal transactions are handled with this encrypted device, which is approved and monitored by various banking organizations across the galaxy.


Quality Counts

There's gear and then there's GEAR! The contrasts are as stark as the prices. For some gear is about function, for others it's about form, but all want durable gear that won't malfunction when its needed most. Regardless of quality the gear functions the same, the difference is how well and long it will function. Ultimately, you get what you pay for and having a quality piece of gear can be the difference between life and death.

Quality Rating
  • Poor
  • Good
  • High
  • Best



Every piece of gear has a simple availability rating that is associated with it and defines how hard it is to find, based on general areas. There is a difference between the ability to find a specific piece of gear and its legality. Since legality is part of the setting information, these rating can be adjusted for different areas.

  Available anywhere in the galaxy
  Available only in metro cities
  Available only on certain planets
  Available only at spaceports
  Scare, difficult to find anywhere
  Rare, typically specialty designed
  Restricted, requires a permit/license
  Illegal to own in most areas



Impact vs. Energy. Both armor and weapons have a listed class; impact armaments have a physical structure with substance and weight, while energy are powered armaments composed of some type of harnessed force. Statistically, impact armaments are static, there is not much that can be done to alter their stats, while most energy armaments can be connected to a power source of some type to enhance their offensive or defensive capabilities, depending on the character's needs.

Best Quality Modifiers. Armaments and equipment of the best quality carry modifiers. Generally speaking, weapons have a +2 modifier to damage, armors have a +2 modifier to damage saves, and equipment has a +1 modifier to relevant skill checks. This can be tweaked based on the factor that makes it the best quality, at the GM's option.