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IV4T58M (Ivy)


Bold, vivacious and a surprising chipper demeanor, one wouldn't expect this of a Kreytin. She wasn't always this way. The wars had taught IV4T58M (aka Ivy) you had to be tough and take what was handed to you, which were very masculine traits. She wanted to be different than the others of her hive, wanting a new purpose in life. Something that would bring her some measure of happiness, which tended to be more feminine. There definitely weren't many of her kind that exhibited feminine traits. Most Kreytins were just thugs. Don't get her wrong, she was a bloodthirsty force of nature and could take on just about any creature with stubborn resilience. However, the day in and day out monotony of the military was getting tired. She wanted more fame and fortune.

Ivy decided to take her training and skills, leaving the Hrendin to see what the rest of the galaxy had in store for her. She marveled at the worlds around her and she gained confidence that her decision was sound. Ivy was enjoying her newfound freedom as a Rogue. Taking on as many jobs as she could, big or small, and exploring as many planets as the jobs would take her. She was blossoming in her new life and meeting people from all over the galaxy. In her down time, Ivy especially enjoyed exploring non-Biofoods, which were bland and tasteless, in her humble opinion. Biofoods were the staple of the military. It filled the tummy but nothing else. Where ever she went, she would pick the flora around her and taste it. She took a keen fancy to mushrooms and would look for them incessantly.

There was this time when a beefy Sarcta-Gi named Rudo came to mess with her charge, a small Sorrani trader. Ivy held Rudo still in front of her while he huffed and puffed and tried to get past her. It was like a game to Ivy. She would say, "you can do better than that," goading him to try and hit her. This all played nicely into her strategy. She then let go of Rudo and brought out "Charming" to play. A handsome tool, which she lovingly dubbed, to fizzle away opponents' energy. He knew he was outmatched but he kept on trying, and each time "Charming" would poke him and Ivy would chuckle loudly. When at last Rudo's energy had waned, Ivy landed a final blow and knocked him out. Rudo eventually stopped bothering the Sorrani trader and over time the two of them became good friends.

Over time, Ivy tried to gain a steady reputation as a protector and guard (with a quirky twist), but she was having some difficulties. Her size, intimidating physical appearance and unique markings made others nervous to be around her. But she carried on and would be as friendly as she could by waving to others and chuckling (as best as a bug could) as she passed by. She wanted to be that diamond in the rough for her singular uniqueness among the masses of Hivryn. So, she made her way to Ommin to join a crawl team and do just that.

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