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Jericho Swann


It was early on when Jericho Swann first picked up a set of pistols. His farming roots gave him ample opportunity to practice. After losing his mother a very young age, Jericho always appreciated the times he got to attend shoots with his father. It was these moments that bring the fondest memories of an otherwise uneventful childhood. While his father did his best to secure him into the farming life, Jericho always felt he was destined to travel amongst the stars. In finishing school, he excelled in athletics and was one of the fastest kids in his bracket. Despite not being the brightest student, being a star athlete along with his swagger and good looks helped him get by.

As many teenagers do, Jericho fell in love. She was a simple girl who loved her home. While his dream to travel away from home still held strong, after his father died unexpectedly, Jericho had no family left. It was his love that convinced him to stay. Besides, leaving her was never an option. He married his sweetheart only months later, content to live out his days on this backwater planet he called home.

While his feet might be firmly planted, farming life was no life for Jericho. His speed and gun skills afforded him other opportunities to provide a better life for what he hoped with be a large family some day. Fate had different plans. One night, Jericho's life took an unexpected turn when an accident seemingly injured Jericho's knee beyond repair and also claimed the life of his only love. This is a source of immense pain and one that Jericho keeps closely guarded.

Lost and broken, Jericho had nothing left for him there, so he left, trying to find some other purpose; some meaning for why things worked out the way they did. He sought ways to find a cure for his injury. But with no money or connections, he wandered about aimlessly. He struggled for a time, taking odd jobs but never really fitting in. After all, the opportunities for a hobbled gun fighter were scarce at best.

One day he learned of a monastery that might offer him a solution. After seeking them out, he convinced them to take him in. He may be broken, but he hadn't lost his charm. He was trained in Ianamic Combat. With this new skill, he was able to overcome his injuries in short bursts and focus to block the pain of the immense loss he'd suffered, even using it to focus his energy to make him more effective.

Once he felt he had learned what could be taught inside the walls of the monastery, he set out to look for the next opportunity. During his training, he became a fan of the crawls. He attended matches and even studied teams and their member who excelled to learn about them. With his injury, he feared being a full time crawler would never work, but perhaps there was a way to participate in the crawls without having to engage in them full time. Not one to chance fate, he decided to take control of his destiny and try to lead a team through the crawls but to find contestants, he need a commix world. He parted with his associates at the monastery and made his way to Ommin, where opportunity awaits those who only wish to grasp it...

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