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As a Corda, Korasso had some military training making him proficient with ranged weapons while also being able to maneuver through battle (to avoid getting hit by crossfire).  He began his medical training with the Corda military.  He subsequently went on to advanced medical education in research.  As a professional doctor, he is loathe to kill; however, if he is put in a life or death situation, he will do what is necessary.

Korasso was fortunate enough to find a identic mate, one with whom he could live as equals in a culture defined by a dynamic social dictatorship, it is a bond that is difficult to forge, but impossible to break. His fiancĂ©, Amonah, had gone to the solace moon of KoKou (koh-cow) with her adjuvants where they engaged in the traditional revelry to increase the social strength of their group before the bonding, when sarcta-gi terrorist unleashed a biological agents into the ground water that fed numerous freshwater pools at the most populated resorts.  While not directly impacted, the entire moon was quarantined when it was discovered that the agent could be transmitted by touch. Between the speed of the agent and lack of cure, the remaining population and visitors who were potentially exposed were put in stasis as a preventive measure, at some great expense.

Korasso's parents, well known traders, have teamed with Amonah's parents, also successful traders, to raise money and to look for any potential antidote/cure to break the quarantine' and to help those in stasis if they have somehow already been infected, as had family members of the adjuvants, but with KoKou well off the lattice flows and the powerful sarcta-gi corporate selak's intent on keeping the incident away from the galactic community for fear that it will harm their businesses, the tragedy is virtually unknown outside of a few of Corda worlds.

Korasso is personally interested in putting a face to this situation by participating in the arena.  His goals include increasing outrage of these terrorist attacks and to put pressure on authorities to find those responsible; and to increase his personal influence so he may raise money to support his own medical research efforts - funding a medical research institute to combat biological warfare and to also find cures for new/rare diseases.  While he is an highly ethical medical practitioner, he is not beyond using his personal situation as a sympathy card to advance his interests in furthering his medical research; his "outfit" (maybe a tattoo?) includes some symbol (TBD) as a rallying momento which he intends to be used in the future as his research organization's logo

Chuck Sperati