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Ta'Lon (Lonnie)


Hatched & raised on the Somati home world of Metaneen, Ta'Lon (ta-Lon') (‘Lon or Lonnie to his friends) grew up in a clutch of larger females and more colorful males.   As the colony grew and grew louder, 'Lon looked for his place away from the Bouen crowds.  Drawn to the more diverse and more peaceful spaceports, he learned maintenance and repair from wayfaring trade ships; the mechanics and engineers that kept those ships coming and - more importantly - going to new destinations all over the lattice.

His laid back demeanor could be a problem among the growing tensions of his people, but made it easier for the traders of all species to accept Ta'Lon.  His natural aptitude and good dexterity (for a Sauria) in the engine compartments and repair bays of trade ships, loaders and land craft gave him the background and opportunity to find his place among the fleets and explorers pushing the limits of known space.

In transit on traders, learning more, listening more and watching past seasons of the ACS, Ta'Lon thought his mechanical skills might be useful to a team.   A team that travelled crawl to crawl, world to world and didn't have a large contingent of squabbling Sauria to contend with.  Surprisingly (to only him) few teams, few arenas were looking for a six and a half foot + Somati mechanic.  His lack of formal combat training made him less than appealing to most promoters.   

His determination unusually focused on finding a path to the travel he craved, that drive led him to whispers of a daring former crawler who was putting together a new team and was desperate enough to take some chances.  For 'Lon, that chance meant the opportunity to learn to pilot the mechs that he had already learned to maintain.   The shock of a reptilian mech pilot with some recently added rudimentary personal combat skills might be a hook the manager could use to draw ACS attention.  Knowing personal quirks were a plus, he immersed 'Lon in a variety of music - with driving rhythms and screaming guitars finding a place in that cold blooded heart.

Ta'Lon is ready to make his mark in the crawls.  As long as those crawls keep him travelling to new worlds and new places.  His bearded dragon Chomper is ready to bask on a warm rock and both are as ready to scour the Blazar flares as they are to devour a bucket of Va'aren moss worms.

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