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Misha, a female Somati, is from a small space station where her parents served as the not only the head of the station’s security force, but as the station’s only security force. On a space station rules and order must be kept, breaking the rules could lead to the destruction the space station and all the lives on board. Growing up on the station taught Misha the importance of the Law, growing up she was determined to serve as part of a law enforcement squad. Upon arriving planet side, she discovered many things she had only had a chance to enjoy on brief leave with her family, the best thing was basking in the sun! Working a standard shift rotation severely limited her basking time, so Misha decided to strike out on her own as a Bounty Hunter. This allowed her to travel, to uphold the law by hunting down those that violated it, all without interrupting her time in the sun.

Misha found solid success as a Bounty Hunter, but starting out left her without the option of being choosey about her jobs, sometimes forcing her to go to undesirable locations for her Bounty. On one such mission, she was waiting in a swamp for some low life to drink him self into submission (ensuring an easy capture!) she kept feeling things bumping into her legs, thinking she could use a snack while waiting she reached down to grab whatever it was that kept hitting her. As she pulled the creature up, she almost put it in her mouth without looking, but having made that mistake many times before she stopped and really looked, and just fell in love. In her hand she held what she would soon name Frog, the frog. Frog would remain her faithful companion while on her hunts. Misha quickly became aware that Frog would need special care if he were to travel around with her, Misha was going to have to expand her business.

Misha had always enjoyed watching the Crawls growing up, she decided that joining a crawl team would allow her to travel to new places where she could get bounties and all the while increasing her reputation, allowing her to eventually be able to be able to pick and choose her clients. The perfect plan!

Misha loves animals first and foremost, but always does well in groups. Among the Somati she is considered hilarious and quite attractive. She likes to always be aware of the laws and does all in her power to respect the laws of each place she visits. She loves a good hot rock and unless forced to, will not work during the best basking hours. She is proficient in ranged weapons, preferring impact weapons over lasers, because like most Somati, she does not like her food overcooked.

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