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Sirgdala Forest
The Sirgdala forest was once connected to a vast tropical belt along the equator of Favne. Geological instability and tectonic shifts created mountain ranges isolating it from the rest of the forest. This in turn has forced the Kari trees here to develop alternative means to deliver their seeds.

Snype-Kari ( myrisnīpa-Kari)
Situated along the equator of Favne lies a dense tropical rainforest (Sirgdala Forest) home to a specialized family of Kari trees called Snype-Kari (myrisnipa-Kari as coined by terasapien dendrologist Dr. Saito Ichiro). The density of the forest 1 and its isolation between mountain ranges forced the Kari trees here to develop a fluidic system of pressurized xylem bladders that propel seeds into the air. When the seeds reach a certain air pressure (around 500 feet) they bud, sprouting a stem and five leaves. This sprout or whirlybird seed travels on the wind and over the mountains, ensuring the seed reaches a fertile area in which to germinate.

Bio for Naboh (Eukari Snyper)
Naboh always loved the song and dance performed by the various bird species in his forest. He would help tidy the areas where the male birds performed their elaborate mating song and dance, often coaxing the surrounding foliage to sway and move to the bird's song in hopes of helping the male win the mate for which he was performing.

During a particularly energetic mating dance by a Kotaku bird the sky burst into flame. A ship came crashing down, igniting an area near Naboh’s tree and scattering debris. Naboh became afraid. He had never experienced a fire so intense. He frantically diverted his energy to the surrounding foliage, fanning the fire. Suddenly, two beings burst from the wreckage spraying a white foamy liquid around the area extinguishing the fire. Naboh was elated! These beings had saved his tree!

He could sense they were intelligent beings and wished to thank them, but he had no way to communicate with them. He decided to reveal himself. Transiting from his energy state, he took on form similar to theirs. The taller of the beings pointed at Naboh and started emitting sounds from a crack in his peak (Naboh would soon learn it’s called a mouth) and rushed back to the wreckage. After a moment, he returns with a device that he handed to Naboh, which he later learned was called a Reui Polyglott.

After some struggles to configure the device for his biology, they all converse for a little while and the taller man asks Naboh if he would like to join the men when a rescue ship arrives. The taller man, Dr. Saito Ichiro, tells Naboh he is a scientist and would like to take Naboh off planet to further study his species of Eukari. Not knowing what a scientist is, but eager to experience more of this form, Naboh agrees.

They spend several days waiting for a rescue. To pass the time Dr. Ichiro gathers soil and plant samples while the pilot, Karoly Lehota watches holo’s of past Ultimate Crawl tournaments. The holo’s catch Naboh’s eye. He is fascinated by them, in particular the commentators. They display the same exuberance the birds here do during their mating rituals and Naboh knows he wants to do this once his business with the doctor is complete.

The rescue finally arrives and takes them to the nearest spaceport.

After a few weeks of study Dr. Ichiro has gathered enough information on Naboh and bids him a fond farewell and lends Naboh a few credits to help him on his journeys. Karoly Lehota tells Naboh if he wants to become an announcer he should travel to (insert planet name). There is a entry level crawl circuit there and that would be the best place to start.

Naboh takes a shuttle to (insert planet name), an outer rim planet where he soon discovers there is no ACS sanctioned crawl here. There are however unsanctioned crawls here, but someone of his type wouldn’t belong.

Not to be deterred from his dream Naboh sneaks into the crawl, finding a hiding place near the announcer's table. Much to Naboh’s surprise, sitting behind the announcers desk is none other than his favorite Crawl announcer Trebor Rekeu. Trebor appears to be agitated, screaming into his mic asking, “Why the hell is the analyst not here!”. Naboh see’s this as an opportunity and pops up out of his hiding place.

Trebor jumps out of his chair startled. Trebor starts to call for security and Naboh quickly stops him, “NO! Wait, I’m your biggest fan. I’ve studied all of your previous broadcasts and would love to assist you. I don’t need to be paid and I won't let you down, please give me a chance.” Naboh begins to do his best imitation of Trebor. Trebor looks intrigued and a little surprised by the Eukari’s display.

Nodding his head and putting his hand up Trebor says, “Ok kid, you got the job. Don’t talk over me and don’t talk to me during the breaks and you’ll do just fine.”

The Crawl begins with Trebor announcing that this will be his last announcing gig. He had formerly retired from the ACS, but has been on the unsanctioned crawl circuit for the last year. Surprisingly enough the crowd here takes a liking to Naboh. Even giving him a standing ovation at the end of the crawl, much to the chagrin of the crawlers. His energy and exuberance brighten an otherwise dull crawl event.

Over the next year Naboh finds jobs all over the outer rim, all unsanctioned crawls, but he begins to receive a following of fans and gets noticed by a current ACS Judge Ace “The Body” Ventura.

Ace invites Naboh to join his team and Naboh becomes an emcee for the ACS.

After his first event, Naboh gets into an argument with one of the crawl teams. The team was one of the teams at Naboh’s first announcing event and they were not to happy with him then. They get into an argument about how Naboh overshadowed their performance. Naboh insists he wasn't trying to overshadow the group. Naboh explains it was just an unsanctioned crawl and not much skill was involved. The crawlers become infuriated to the point where one of them challenges Naboh to join a team and participate in the ACS.

Naboh accepts their challenge and begins to ask around to try and find a crawl team that is looking for his particular skill set.

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