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Raoul Duke


Raoul Duke had it all, fame, fortune, huge hover house overlooking the luminous tidal pools on Alenoan island on the terasapien world of Esteron, a custom Betalord skiff, and if that wasn't enough, he was married to holonovel model "Alexis". All of these riches paid to him by his action hero persona, The Exterminator. 

A decade ago, when Olar Berke arose to the role of System Governor, his prejudice against the hivryn began an anti-bug movement. Citing the past Border Wars and the dominance of hivryn conglomerates who continually absorbed or destroyed competing corporations, he positioned the insectoid races as conquerors who no longer needed war to enslave people. Beginning with policies that discouraged and frustrated the hivryn, the insectoids were made to feel uncomfortable throughout the Bucharan system, but it was the invention and proliferation of a flat roll up screen that was out of the range of insectoid vision that really drove them away. Naturally, as the movement grew, movies were shot to entertain the masses. Duke was the first bona fide superstar, starring in low budget action films where his character shot up and beat down bugs on an epic level. The Exterminator, went on to film 78 flat screen and holomovies and racked up a staggering 245,986 "squashes". 

Much of the galaxy was appalled by this racist smut, though underground fans could be found in nearly every race, especially among the sauria and sarcta-gi, so that not even system wide trade embargoes could stop the flows of wealth that helped to fuel the star system. Many in positions of power made it their focus to put a stop to it, but they could never gain any traction, that is until Duke gave them ammunition to shoot it down.

He always had an addiction problem but with his new found unlimited funds, he spiraled out of control. He went on benders that lasted weeks and his image started to suffer. It all came crashing down when he visited the ahrmis world of Hatto to garner support for his government and crashed a hover bike after a high speed chase through the busy streets of the entertainment district on Rebiana. The crash left him in the hospital for months, his passenger, the ghreni daughter of a ranking political figure on Hatto, was not so lucky. She was killed instantly. The grieving father gathered support from across the galaxy with images of the tragedy and used the very medium that had made Raoul famous to stop the flow of media money into the Bucharan system. After the indecent, he lost the support of his government and all of his assets were lost in legal battles, leaving him broken, battered, and poor. He tried to get other opportunities, but was continually turned away, that is until he was approached by a mysterious figure...

Chuck Sperati