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(E) Swagger

LoA Skill Titles Cunning.jpg

(E) Swagger

  • Attribute:  Influence
  • Type:  Attack
  • Time:  N/A
  • Description:  Those with this skill are able to effectively inflate their presence with an ostentatious display of strength and/or confidence, drawing all attention to their bearing and attitude. This can be used to distract or manipulate groups of people. The effectiveness is based on the number of skill points in Cunning, i.e. novice 0-3 points, expert 4-7 points, master 8+ points, with novices able to affect small groups (3-20), experts capable of affecting medium sized groups (20-40), and masters can affect pretty much everyone in an area that can see and hear them. Target groups are allowed a Morale, Willpower, or related defend skill to see through the attempt, with a -1 modifier per 2 skill points in Cunning.
  • Example of use:  Get a group to surround and follow the character, incidentally acting as protection; draw the attention of a group as a distraction while others steal something or attempt to sneak past; etc.
  • Prerequisites:  The Persuasion and Intimidate skills, and four skill points in Cunning

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