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(E) Minstrel


(E) Minstrel

  • Attribute:  Influence
  • Type:  Utility
  • Time:  Two actions
  • Description:  Characters with this skill are able to mix instrumentals and vocals to create a dynamic tune that can affect enemies or allies in combat. With a successful skill check, the character is able to play a song that has the emotional power to offer specific modifiers, based on the number of skill points in Performance. There are six possible "songs" that are available, each of which can be played in a host of different ways, using a variety of instruments and/or vocals; the character can choose any two to learn after acquiring the skill. After the initial skill check, the character can play a song for an additional round per two skill points in Performance; a minimum of two actions must be spent playing the song, the two remaining actions may be used to move or defend, but any attack action breaks the rhythm and ends the song. There is a progressive difficult (-4) modifier to recapture that emotional power after each time a song is played in an encounter. If the skill check fails, the modifiers are not applied, and each additional attempt carries the progressive difficult (-4) modifier as stated above.
  • Prerequisites:  The Crooning skill, the Instrumentalist skill, and four skill points in Performance


Cry Havoc:  A loud piece with a fast tempo and clashing rhythms, when this song is played, allies gain a +1 modifier to attack skills per skill point in Performance.

Guardian's Hymn:  A steady expression with complementing harmonies, mid tonality, and smooth rhythms, this song provides allies with a +1 modifier to defend skills per skill point in Performance.

Anthem of War:  Loudly clashing harmonies of varied rhythms over a deep tonality, when this song is played, allies gain a +1 modifier to damage per two skill points in Performance.

Echoes of Valor:  A smooth rhythm with a conflicting melody played at a steady tempo, this song provides a allies with a +1 modifier per skill point in Performance to Reaction, Stamina, and Willpower saves.

Ballad of Despair:  A slower paced piece with an irregular rhythm and minor tonality, when this song is played, enemies suffer a -1 penalty per skill point in Performance to attack skills.

Dauntless:  Loud, with a fast tempo, linear melody, and consistent rhythm, this song temporarily removes the effect of fatigue in allies.