An Assassin's Tale

For a long time I toyed with the idea of writing background stories for a variety of characters in the Troll War series of books; An Assassin's Tale is one of the few that I turned into a short story.  In the scene outside of Ivory City, I found myself struggling to give Reaper personality.  I knew he was an assassin who missed the thrill and danger of the hunt and kill, but I didn't really know why, so I wrote a short story about Reaper from his days as an assassin, before he was killed by Lord Krypt and risen as a Skellatol Warrior.

Malkin’s Feast

Since writing a ghost story for a creative writing class in college, I've often enjoyed delving into the world of horror writing and really loved the idea of dropping the genre on top of another genre, in this case fantasy. Set on the world of Annerth from the Troll War series of novels, Malkin's Feast was written as a fantasy horror story, in which a young farmer named Favel relates a scary tale heard while at market for his father, only to discover that some stories carry more than a grain of truth...

The Worst Betrayal

Set on the world of Annerth from the Troll War series of books, The Worst Betrayal is short story about a young Aric and and his best friend Tam from a time before the Kingdom of Light fell to the evil of Lord Krypt.  The story follows the two young knights on a simple caravan escort along a trail that has seen a recent rise in bandit activities.  The awkwardness of the romantic encounter that takes place in many ways mirrors my own struggles with writing about these types of relationships; the way it plays out is an almost inevitable result of this struggle.