FreeSpace Pirates: The Saurian Opportunity

For a long time I'd been toying around with a space opera setting that I cam up with in the early nineties, but it wasn't until I started looking for a good space opera novel that wasn't Star Wars or Star Trek that I decided to put the words to paper.  FreeSpace evolved significantly from this first story, growing into a RPG Supplement that was fun but never really captured the feel of the stories I had in my head.  In FreeSpace Pirates: The Saurian Opportunity we meet Terlain, a young man with a romantic notion of plying the space ways and ends up on a pirate ship, faced with the prospect of killing, for the first time.  Be on he lookout for a little bot you may recognize from the Star Wars stories...

Droid Trouble

Published in the Star Wars Adventure Journal #3, in August of 1994, this unedited version of the story takes place just previous to the events of Episode IV: A New Hope.  Droid Trouble is the story of a Bothan politician turned spy named Tereb Ab'Lon who had been feeding information to the Rebel Alliance, but when Imperials show up on his homeworld of Bothawui Proper he panics and flees, only to find that the galaxy can be a far more vicious place than the cutthroat world of Bothan politics.


Originally written to be published in the Star Wars Adventure Journal #6, after submitting the story, I was informed that Lucas Arts changed their author requirements and I did not have enough experience to be included as an author.  Although I was disappointed, this remains one of my favorite stories.  Discoveries is a horror story set after the events of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, about an Imperial Scout named Jeric who is searching for old bases, weapons depots, or shipyards, anything that might help the remnants of the Empire fight back against the New Republic.  He stumbles on a seemingly abandoned base, only to find that there are some things that even the might of the Empire could not defend against.