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Troll War


An epic fantasy setting that was inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien; these stories take place during the Second Civilization of the world of Annerth.

The continent of Liraehne (Lee-rahn-ee) holds seven divided nations. Secluded and at war with each other, the Barbarian Highlands in the north are home to three tribes of braidon. Seeking to govern all, the elfin led Fanaal Empire monitors and manipulates events from their ancestral forest home. Claiming the lands of the northern basin and at odds with the braidon, a warrior led faction of elfin established the Mer Sovereignty, where they prepare for a prophesized war. Rylin dwarves, renown master artisins, thrive in their southern mountain citadels where they defend and exalt the ancient Throne of Rylos. A solitary faction of dwarven outcasts founded the Strinchalli Republic, where they maintain a peaceful democracy in their northern mountain citadels. Hidden in various lands across the continent, gnomun Garden Communities somehow continue to thrive, though interactions with outsiders are uncommon. Home to many independent city-states across the human settled Anthrinic, the Shattered Kingdoms are a mess of trivial disputes under constant threat of conflict.

Since the fall of the Commonwealth there has been no leader strong enough to reunite the nations, and all is not well. A great evil haunts the land in the form of a deranged necromantic dark lord known as Krypt. An ancient elven prophecy sows distrust and suspicion with foretellings of a devastating racial war. Encounters with vicious monsters that had moved into ancient ruins are beginning to disrupt trade and agriculture. And now hordes of hungry trolls have begun to swarm across the Frontier. Perfect killing machines, trolls cannot be reasoned with and they cannot be negotiated with--they simply kill, eat, and make baby trolls; a mass of muscle, claw, and tooth that consumes and migrates.

The last Troll War destroyed the Commonwealth and three quarters of the population, but nothing of civilization may survive the next one.

Tread carefully, for this is a desperate and dangerous place.