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Troll War


An epic fantasy setting that was inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien; the Troll War stories take place during the Second Civilization of the world of Annerth. The continent of Liraehne (Lee-rahn-ee) is home to various races, including barbarians, dwarves, elves, gnomes, and men. Defined by its eras of governmental rulership, Liraehne sits in the shadows of the Era of the Commonwealth, which rose from the ashes of the vast Fanaal Empire that defined the First Civilization. The Shattered Kingdoms is all that remains of the once united lands of the Commonwealth, and all there is not well. A great evil haunts the Shattered Kingdoms in the form of a deranged necromantic dark lord known as Krypt, an ancient elven prophecy divides its people along racial lines, and hordes of hungry trolls have begun to swarm across the Frontier with no great kings left to unite the kingdoms against such a threat.

Perfect killing machines, trolls cannot be reasoned with and they cannot be negotiated with--they simply kill, eat, and make baby trolls; a mass of muscle, claw, and tooth that consumes and migrates. The last Troll War nearly destroyed the Commonwealth and in the fallout from it the Shattered Kingdoms were formed, but nothing of civilization may survive this next Troll War.

Tread carefully, for this is a desperate and dangerous place.