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Unarmed Combat

Disciplined Striking

Disciplined Striking

  • Attribute:  Agility
  • Type:  Attack
  • Time:  One action
  • Description:  This skill represents a practiced striking art in which the attacker faces forward with the feet shoulder width apart and slightly turned out, while both fists are held vertically at waist level in a ready position. It is technique that emphasizes focus and control with a mix of punches and kicks that evolve through a progressive style, varying in roleplay aspects by race, region, academy, mentor, etc. Those instructed in this style use six common strikes that have specific attack, damage, and/or critical hit modifiers. A Heel Jab is a an open handed punch that strikes with the heel of the hand; a Chop is a quick open-handed, hewing stroke that hits with either the pinky or thumb side of the hand; a Snap Kick is executed by raising the knee, extending the leg to hit with the ball of the foot, and quickly retracting the leg; a Hammer Fist is a multi-directional, hewing stroke that hits with the bottom of a clenched fist; a Jump Kick is executed by kicking one leg forward to gain momentum, and pushing off with other, raising the knee and extending that leg to hit with the ball of the foot; a Spin Kick begins with a tight rotation to build momentum, after which the leg is extended to strike with the shin or the front of the foot. Any strike may be used at will, with all related and general combat modifiers applied normally. If the skill check fails, the attack misses. Only one striking technique may be purchased during character building, additional techniques may be selected as the character advances.
  • Specialization:  (Optional) Specific roleplay aspect based combat style, technique, or system

Strike                Att.    Dam.    Crit.
Heel Jab               +3          -1            1
Chop                      --           --          1-3
Snap Kick              --          +1         1-2
Hammer Fist       -2          +2         1-3
Jump Kick            -3          +3         1-3
Spin Kick              -4          +6           1

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