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Unarmed Combat



  • Attribute:  Agility
  • Type:  Attack
  • Time:  One action
  • Description:  This skill is representative of a fighting style in which the attacker maintains an upright stance with the legs slightly more than shoulder-width apart and the dominant leg staggered a full step back to rotate the favored laterality forty-five degrees, while both fists are held vertically in front of the face at eye level. It is a structured and methodical technique utilizing both punches and kicks, varying in roleplay aspects by race, region, academy, mentor, etc. Those instructed in this style use six common strikes that have specific attack, damage, and/or critical hit modifiers. A Jab is a quick straight punch thrown with the front hand; a Cross is a powerful straight punch thrown from the back hand; a Front Kick is executed by lifting the knee and straightening the leg to strike; a Hook is a semi-circular punch thrown with either hand; a Side Kick is executed by pivoting on the back leg and then lifting the front leg and straightening it in a stomping motion; a Circle Kick is executed by lifting the knee of the back leg, twisting on the ball of the foot, and extending and swinging the leg to strike with the shin or front of the foot. Any strike may be used at will, with all related and general combat modifiers applied normally. If the skill check fails, the attack misses. Only one striking technique may be purchased during character building, additional techniques may be selected as the character advances.
  • Specialization:  (Optional) Specific roleplay aspect based combat style, technique, or system

Strike                Att.    Dam.    Crit.
Jab                       +3          -1             1
Cross                    +1          --           1-2
Front Kick            -1          +2         1-2
Hook                     -1          +1          1-3
Side Kick              -2         +3          1-2
Circle Kick           -3          +5            1

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