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Aero Combat

(E) Gambits

(E) Gambits

  • Attribute:  Perception
  • Type:  Move
  • Time:  One action
  • Description:  This skill includes advanced tactical movements performed in flighted combat to gain a positional advantage over an opponent. These maneuvers can be used to gain an angular advantage relative to the opponent for making attacks, as counter-moves to hold, maintain, or break a positional advantage, or to disengage and make an escape. Each maneuver has a set of variables that effects either position (offensive, defensive, or neutral) or carries modifiers to attack, defend, or move skills. If the skill check is successful, the maneuver succeeds and the variable is applied, otherwise there is a single action of flight movement, but no other effect, unless otherwise noted in the maneuver. Because this skill is specific to a method of flight, it can be taken multiple times. (for a list of available Maneuvers, click here)
  • Prerequisites:  The Piloting skill and four skill points in Aero Combat

        Maneuvers        Description
         Barrel Roll            a corkscrew with multiple rotations
         Break                     roll and cross the opponents path
         QTOL                     quick takeoffs and landings
         Spiral                     helical move away from opponent
         Torque Climb       angle away from foe at full speed

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