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Aero Combat



  • Attribute:  Perception
  • Type:  Move
  • Time:  N/A
  • Description:  This skill is used to pilot a vehicle of some type, whether on land or water, in air, or in space. It includes the basic use of all relevant systems and technologies involved with the class of vehicle, i.e. acceleration, communications, deceleration, sensors, shields, etc, as well as basic maneuvers. The difficulty is modified by obstacles, terrain, and type of maneuvers. This skill is vehicle specific and may be taken multiple times.
  • Specializations:  (Required) Class of vehicle, i.e. land, air, water, space, etc.

        Maneuvers        Description
         Takeoff                  Achieving flight from the ground
         Landing                 Returning to a point on the ground
         Bank                      In-flight turn of up to 45 degrees
         Ascend                  An upward climb of up to a 30 degree angle
         Descend                A downward descent at up to 10 degree angle

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