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(E) Vigor

(E) Vigor

  • Attribute:  Constitution
  • Type:  Utility
  • Time:  Three actions
  • Description:  A character with this skill is able to use the power of their mind to enhance their ability to take damage. A successful skill check is required to activate this ability and it can be maintained for a number of rounds equal to the number of skill points in Iianmic Combat; when active, the character gains a number of temporary health points equal to the skill rank. Damage is taken from these points before any remaining health, there is no lingering effect on the character when these points are gone or expire, though this enhancement may only be used one time per encounter. Only one combat enhancement may be active at a time; the time requirement is for activating the skill only. If the skill check fails, the enhancement is unable to be activated for that round.
  • Prerequisites:  Four skill points in Iinamic Combat

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