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(E) Rapport

(E) Rapport

  • Attribute:  Influence
  • Type:  Utility
  • Time:  Two actions
  • Description:  This skill is used to establish two way mental communication with a group of willing participants in the immediate area. A successful skill check is required to activate this ability and it can be maintained for a number of rounds equal to the skill rank; once active the character is able to link the minds of a number of specified individuals equal to the number of skill points in Iinilence Combat to allow for voluntary thought communication. All linked participants share any communication within an area equal to the skill rank in yards around the character, willing participants may break the link at any time, unwilling participants can resist the connection with a successful Willpower save and can refuse to broadcast thoughts; it is not effective on those with an animal intelligence. Only one utility enhancement may be active at a time; the time requirement is for activating the skill only. If the skill check fails, the enhancement is unable to be activated for that round.
  • Prerequisites:  The Missive skill and four skill points in Iinilence Combat

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