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Martial Combat

Armor Proficiency

Armor Proficiency

  • Attribute:  Constitution
  • Type:  Utility
  • Time:  N/A
  • Description:  Characters with this skill know how to properly wear and move in a specific type and/or weight class of armor, which includes the use of any specialized systems or other such aspects of it. When wearing the armor in combat, all skill check modifiers are reduced by one per two skill points in Martial Combat. Additionally, the Move Rate modifier is reduced by a progressive percentage based on the total number of skill points in Martial Combat, i.e. novice 0-3 points (25%), expert 4-7 points (50%), master 8+ points (100%). A skill check is required to use armor of a different type or class, and may be modified by the degree of difference between the specialized and target armors. This skill may be taken multiple times to acquire additional specializations.
  • Specialization:  (Required) By armor size or type, i.e. heavy, medium, light, plasma, ionic, etc.

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