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Martial Combat



  • Attribute:  Perception
  • Type:  Defend
  • Time:  One action
  • Description:  Characters with this skill are able to turn aside a ranged attack with a proficient melee weapon or some type of directed melee shield, based on the number of skill points in Martial Combat, i.e. novice 0-3 points, expert 4-7 points, master 8+ points. A novice is able to block a ranged attack, an expert can deflect the ranged attack in a specific direction where it will hit a random target, and a master can deflect the ranged attack at a specific target (normal defend actions are permitted). If the skill check is successful, all damage from the attack is negated by the deflect, however, the object used to make the deflect must be strong enough to resist damage, and may require a structural strength save; no additional checks are required to redirect the ranged attack, though the intent to redirect must be announced before the skill roll is attempted, and not all ranged attacks may be redirected in this manner. If the skill check fails, damage is taken normally.
  • Specialization:  (Required) Proficient weapon(s) and/or a specific type of shield, i.e. small, medium, large, physical, plasma, ionic, etc.

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