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Martial Combat



  • Attribute:  Agility
  • Type:  Defend
  • Time:  One action
  • Description:  This skill is used to avoid melee attacks, and can be used in two different ways. A character can try to avoid an attack by spending an action and making a skill check, if the check succeeds the attack fails, if not it hits. When defending against multiple attacks, the character can choose to make a General Evade, wherein they take a defensive posture that is more difficult to hit; it must be announced at the start of the round, requires two actions plus a skill check, and gives all attackers a penalty to hit equal to the number of skill points in Martial Combat. Any melee attack (except Surprise) made against the character during that round is subject to this penalty modifier; this modifier is lost if the character takes another defend action in the same round.
  • Specializations:  None

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