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Martial Combat

(M) Armor Pierce

(M) Armor Pierce

  • Attribute:  Perception
  • Type:  Attack
  • Time:  One action
  • Description:  Characters with this skill are very familiar with the inherent weaknesses of most types of armor and may attempt to strike armored foes in these places, negating armor bonuses from applicable damage saves. If the character has the appropriate Lore skill (i.e. monster, animal, etc), this skill can also be used to attack weak points in natural armors, negating those armor modifiers from applicable damage saves. It may be used as a Hack, Stab, or Swing attack (assuming the character has the skill), with all related and general combat modifiers applied normally. If the skill check fails or the target makes a successful defend, the attack misses.
  • Prerequisites:  The Lore skill (optional) and eight skill points in Martial Combat

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