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Mech Combat

(E) Rend

(E) Rend

  • Attribute:  Strength
  • Type:  Attack
  • Time:  One action
  • Description:  A mech pilot with this skill is able to violently tear things apart with the appendages of the mechanizen combat armor. With a successful skill check the crit range for an attack used against an opponent is increased by one per skill point in Mech Combat, this modifier doesn't apply to the use of other skills; when used against inanimate objects, the durability rating of the object is reduced by one per skill point in Mech Combat. It may be used as a Clobber, Skewer, or Sunder attack (assuming the character has the skill), with all related and general combat modifiers applied normally. For extremely strong objects, the failure of some component must be possible for this skill to be used, i.e. the hinges, frame, etc. On a successful skill check, the target is hit and may defend normally; if the skill check fails or the target makes a successful defend, the attack misses. When attacking an inanimate object, a failed skill check doesn't necessarily mean that the strike failed to hit, just that the strike doesn't get the benefit of the durability modifier.
  • Prerequisites:  Four skill points in Mech Combat

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