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Mounted Combat

Control Mount

Control Mount

  • Attribute:  Influence
  • Type:  Move
  • Time:  Special
  • Description:  Characters with this skill are able to guide or direct a mounted animal with verbal cues or subtle physical acts, such as a tap of the foot or squeezing the knees, allowing for the use of both hands in combat. This direction can typically be accomplished with a free action and its overall effectiveness is based on the number of skill points in Mounted combat, i.e. novice 0-3 points, expert 4-7 points, master 8+ points. A novice can direct the mount to go in a general direction at a consistent pace; an expert can direct the mount to a specific location, with changes pace; a master can direct continuous movement without a specific location, controlling speed, and performing maneuvers. In addition, a character with this skill can command the animal to attack or attempt to gain control over a frightened or untrained animal, granting it an immediate morale save at a +1 modifier per skill point in Mounted Combat. Taking control of a frightened animal typically requires a full round, though if successful, that animal can be directed as if trained and gets the bonus modifier to all morale checks for that encounter.
  • Example of use:  Guiding an animal with a series of whistles, changing pace or direction by leaning in a specific angle, taking a pack animal into combat, etc.
  • Specialization:  (Required) Specific type of steed, i.e. horse, dog, giant eagle, etc.

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