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(E) Salvo

(E) Salvo

  • Attribute:  Influence
  • Type:  Attack
  • Time:  One action
  • Description:  Those with this skill are able to focus the power of their mind to launch many objects at an opponent with enough force to cause damage. With a successful skill check, the attacks hit in a burst, causing damage equal to the Influence score plus object damage, i.e. tiny (.5-2lbs) +2, small (2-5lbs) +4, a number of times equal to the number of skill points in Iinexsis Combat, at a range of up to the Influence score in yards, plus one yard per two skill points in Iinexsis Combat. This skill may not be used to launch objects more than 5lbs in weight, while anchored objects get a structural strength save and held objects get a Reaction or other appropriate save. The objects streak in a bur of motion at the target (the color and shape of which is defined by the character); since they come as a burst if the attack hits, the target must save against damage from each individual projectile, but if the defend is successful, the entire attack is avoided. On a successful skill check, the target is hit and may take defend actions; if the skill check fails or the target makes a successful defend, the attack misses.
  • Prerequisites:  The Projectile skill and four skill points in Iinexsis Combat

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