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  • Attribute:  Strength
  • Type:  Attack
  • Time:  One action
  • Description:  A character with this skill is able to make a vicious biting attack against a grabbed or prone opponent. With a successful skill check, the attack succeeds causing damage equal to the Strength score plus one per skill point in Therianthropy, with a crit range of 1-3 and a speed factor of 2, but carries a difficult (-4) modifier to hit. If the defender is not grabbed or prone, they are allowed an attack of opportunity against the attacker (assuming actions are available and all speed factor rules apply). Additionally, because of its aggressive nature, use of this attack action negates any defensive modifiers gained by stance or defend skills for the remainder of the round, i.e. Defensive form, general Evade, etc. On a successful skill check, the target is hit and may defend normally; if the skill check fails or the target makes a successful defend, the attack misses.
  • Specializations:  None

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Chuck Sperati