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(E) Rolling Strike

(E) Rolling Strike

  • Attribute:  Constitution
  • Type:  Attack
  • Time:  One action
  • Description:  A character with this skill can move and attack in the same action. This is a disciplined move, not a rush type attack; it includes moving into, through, and/or out of a foe's threat area, without any penalty modifiers or drawing an attack of opportunity. All movement rules apply and it may be countered by a readied action which will force the attacker to stop and defend or suffer an attack of opportunity. It may be used with any attack skill that does not have a hold requirement, i.e. claw, grab, pounce, etc, with all related and general combat modifiers applied normally. If the skill check fails or the target makes a successful defend, the attack misses and leaves the character open to an attack of opportunity, unless they stop to take a defend action.
  • Example of use:  Make an attack and escape a flanked position, run past a foe while making a claw attack, move through a threat area performing a pounce to interrupt a flank, etc.
  • Prerequisites:  The Running skill and four skill points in Therianthropy

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