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(E) Savage Form

(E) Savage Form

  • Attribute:  Constitution
  • Type:  Utility
  • Time:  Four actions
  • Description:  A character with this skill is able to shift into a savage form of their animal type. In this form, the therianthrope maintains a humanoid form, but takes on specific characteristics of their animal type, typically claws, extended canines, and a degree of fur growth. This form is a little different for each therianthrope, depending on the individual and animal type, and can include aesthetic changes to features, a slight change of size, alterations in demeanor, etc (it is up to the player to determine the nuances of this form), and can give the character access to claw attacks or offer a modifier to Intimidate or related skill checks equal to one point per two skill points in Therianthropy. If the skill check fails, the character is unable to complete the shift, spending the round in a painful transition that reverts back to the humanoid form; further attempts have a difficult (-4) modifier for that encounter.
  • Prerequisites:  The Hulking Form skill and four skill points in Therianthropy

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