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  • Attribute:  Strength
  • Type:  Attack
  • Time:  One action
  • Description:  This skill is used to hold an opponent prone while causing damage. It may only be used on a target that has been grabbed; with a successful skill check, the attackers arms are wrapped around the defender's torso with the hands locked, causing Strength damage with a speed factor of two. One action must be spent each round to maintain the hold (spending this action to maintain the hold does not count towards speed factor, but doing damage does). Once in the hold, the defender has a -1 modifier per two skill points in Therianpropy for any break or escape attempt, and this skill may be used to counter a successful break or escape, assuming the actions are available. Both the attacker and defender are considered prone during the move and this skill cannot be used to defend against attacks made by the target. If the skill check fails the move has not been applied correctly and the opponent gets a simple (+4) modifier to break the grapple. Regardless of success or failure, if the move is still applied, both the attacker and defender are prone at the end of this action.
  • Specializations:  None

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Chuck Sperati