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(M) Bestial Form

(M) Bestial Form

  • Attribute:  Constitution
  • Type:  Utility
  • Time:  Four actions
  • Description:  Characters with this skill are able to shift into humanoid hybrid of their animal type. In this form, the therianthrope becomes an anthropomorphized version of their animal type, with access to their attack and defend types and move rates, while maintaining the communication and fine motor skills of their humanoid form. This shift typically includes significant modifications to the standard humanoid form, clothing and gear do not transform with the character and could result in damage depending on the circumstances of the change. If the skill check fails, the character is unable to complete the shift, spending the round in a painful transition that reverts back to the humanoid form; further attempts can be made by spending the actions at no modifier.
  • Prerequisites:  The Hulking Form skill and eight skill points in Therianthropy

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